Moloch has been curious about the StreetBeam kiosks since they have come out here in New York City. The kiosks are on the side of phone booths on the corners of high traffic sidewalks. The unit is the same size of the adverts on phone booths and have a blinking red light with an IR port. There hasn't been a lot of progress on these units. The only thing that is being beamed out from the kiosks is the application from TDI. The application is supposed to hold coupons and other advertising data from partners of TDI Worldwide. Banana Republic has been a partner of this project since it's inception about eight months ago but their data is only available online. We have been gathering data on the kiosks and keeping up with TDI Worldwide press releases. Since and do not list the locations of the kiosks, we have started taking the locations and posting them here. We look forward to dissecting this system even deeper and finding out more to share with the visitors of this site.

A side note, we know of another cool IR system that exists at JFK airport. It is called AdAlive and provides a Vindigo type application for any major city along with letting you check your POP email. We are trying to compile an encryption standard for the Palm and Email servers. It is so the email that travels through the POP portals not subject to being compromised.


    13th Street & 2nd Ave SE corner (broken)
    14th Street & Union Square West SW corner (broken)
    19th Street & 5th Ave NW corner
    42nd Street & 7th Ave SW corner
    45th Street & 8th Ave NE corner
    49th Street & 8 Ave NW corner

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