Moloch members love all the properties of radio and all it's functions. We have all sorts of radios in our collection. Such as, HAM radios for our long range communications; 802.11b transmitters, relays, and hubs; 11 meter gear for over powering the CB waves, sometimes truckers are just annoying; and our miscellanous radio gear that the "Man" won't let us use... legally.

We are currently also working on a new project that is scanner related. We have noticed at many of the most recent cons that a lot less people are using scanners as a precautionary tactic against the ones against us. We have thought on how to use scanners better, especially in this world of computers with voice recognition. We figure there has to be a way of getting Via-Voice working on a Linux platform and have a scanner on the line-in. When this is achieved we plan on having Via-Voice to activate a pager program on keywords such as "hacker" or "noise" . Our idea is so that people at a con would be free to have fun and if serious problems would to be heard on the scanner, everyone would be paged instead of having to have a scanner on thier belt. If anyone has any ideas about this. Please email

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